Pasco ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service - Pasco County

Join Us

This page contains the information that you will need to join the Pasco ARES organization.

The only requirement to joining Pasco ARES is a sincere desire to serve your neighbors and community in your capacity as an Amateur Radio operator. There are no dues to pay, but you are expected to invest time and effort to prepare for service. See the training page for inofrmation about required training.

Emergency powered equipment is obviously a plus, but is not a requirement for membership. You can be involved with only a minimum of equipment. A handheld transceiver ("HT") and spare, charged, battery pack, plus the personal supplies like food, water and first-aid kit that you should already have anyway, would be the minimum.

A paper registration form is available at this link, but the preferred method of registering for ARES is online at Create an account there and enter your information, the same information that the printed form requests.

If you chose to use the paper form, fill it in and deliver it to an officer in a local radio club. You can find links to local radio clubs in Pasco County here.

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