Who We Are
We are the Amateur Radio Emergency Service ("ARES") team in Pasco County, Florida. "ARES" is part of the "Amateur Radio Relay League" ("ARRL"). Organizationally, we are part of the "West Central Florida" Section of the ARRL. Pasco County is on the Central Gulf Coast of Florida, North of Tampa Bay.

"Providing Pasco County, FL with Effective Emergency Communication!"

Website Purpose
The Pasco County ARES organization created this website to provide a single source of official information about Amateur Radio Emergency Communications in Pasco County.
Initially, this site will contain the most recent versions of the On-Air Net Schedules of the Pasco County ARES Net. Eventually, we will expand the site to include other materials such as training and operating aids.

Intended Audiences
Primary Audience:
The primary audience of this site is the community of licensed Amateur Radio Operators in Pasco County who are or may be interested in the public service aspect of Amateur Radio. This site will be the authoritative source of information about ARES in Pasco County. Webmasters of other sites such as club sites should provide links to this site for the convenience of their members, but should defer any actual content to this site.

Secondary Audience:
This site is also directed to the general public as a secondary audience. The general public is welcome to browse this website. You should understand, however, that most of the material is intended for the primary audience of licensed Amateur Radio operators and thus may seem rather obscure or technical.

Leadership Team

Within the ARES organization, Pasco ARES has a team of amateur radio operators who serve as the leadership group. The Emergency Coordinator is appointed by the Section Emergency Coordinator to fill the leadership role within the local area of Pasco County. The Emergency Coordinator or “EC” may appoint one or more Assistant Emergency Coordinators or “AECs” to perform tasks in specifically assigned areas.

WCF Section ARES Leadership Team

Section Emergency Coordinator: Ben Henley KI4IGX – ben@bhenley.com